3 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Caribbean

Dense rainforests. Colorful villages. Unspoiled beaches. These are just some of the reasons why the Caribbean is on everyone’s travel bucket list. Although the beauty alone is enough reason to travel to the Caribbean, you will find that this is just the icing on the sumptuous cake of reasons to visit this sandy paradise.


Sailing in Antigua.

Sailing in Antigua.

The Caribbean islands are blessed with some of the finest beaches on Earth, but it is unstoppable when combined with easy access to ferry routes running between islets and to accommodations that are tailored to meet your needs. What’s more? The weather is sunny all year round! Even in the off-season, you are sure to find beautiful weather that is perfect for island-hopping.

Cultural Diversity

Dutch island of Sint Eustatius.

Dutch island of Sint Eustatius. Photo: ds-lands.com

The distinct personalities between the Caribbean islands are part of what makes them so appealing. Think of the socialism of Cuba, Rastafarianism in Jamaica, Latin spirit in the Antigua and the sleepy serene Dutch-affiliated island of Sint Eustatius. Each one reflects the history and rich cultural diversity of the region.

The Food

Photo: Patrick Bennett/uncommoncaribbean.com

Photo: Patrick Bennett/uncommoncaribbean.com

Imagine the fusion of tastes the region can offer because of its rich cultural diversity. The traditional Caribbean food is a fusion of European, African, Amerindian and Chinese cuisines. The sea food is especially fresh in beachside shacks that are also widespread throughout the islands.


See Why Singapore Tops The List Of Best Countries To Visit In 2015

Singapore is #1 in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015 list. Why? One word: Shiok.


Singapore has its unique style of cuisine and culture. Amid the concrete jungle, the country manages to offer an escape with abundance of trees on almost every road, as well as providing ample opportunities to explore the island.

Singapore = Food

Singapore = Food

The world-famous Singapore Chili Crab.

The world-famous Singapore Chili Crab.

The TreeTop walk at MacRitchie.

The TreeTop walk at MacRitchie.


Gardens by the Bay.

Singapore at night. (Photo: Flickr/Mac Qin)

Singapore at night. (Photo: Flickr/Mac Qin)

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Paris Vs New York: Which Is The Better City?


From morning coffees to yellow taxis, Paris and New York are two of the world’s most magical cities. British Airways gives an ode to Paris and New York City in their new video ad. Iconic scenes from both cities are laid next to one another highlighting their characteristics and stirring up wanderlust inside any viewer. See the video HERE.

How do you like your breakfast?

How do you like your breakfast?





This Isn’t A Surrealist Painting. It’s A Real Place.

The place is called Deadvlei, or the “Dead Marsh”, in Namibia. The orange backdrop is of the highest sand dunes in the world and they sit behind the dead trees, giving the photo that surrealist feel. It was once an oasis in the desert, teeming with life, until it dried out when a drought hit. Today, the sun-scorched, millenia-old skeletons of the trees are all that remains — a glimpse into a paradise that existed for only a moment in time.

Watch this short VIDEO of Namibia’s Deadvlei — a proof that the world is filled with magic…if you know where to look.

These trees are over a thousand years old.

These trees are over a thousand years old.

Deadvlei at sunrise.

Deadvlei at sunrise.

Deadvlei at night.

Deadvlei at night.


Prepare To Be Spirited Away


The Free Spirit Spheres near Canada’s Qualicum Bay belong to some of the most awesomely bizarre accommodations around the world. They are basically spherical tree houses that are so beautifully-crafted and equipped to be totally cozy.

These spheres were created with the concept of “oneness” in mind and are designed to harmonize with nature. They incorporate elements of biomimicry into their design so each sphere fits right into a forest setting without altering it. Each sphere is wired for power and has built-in speakers for guests to experience a true surround sound.

See these tree houses on video HERE.


The sphere aptly named "Melody".

The sphere aptly named “Melody”.

Cozy interior.

Cozy interior.


Would You Ever Do This? Jumping On A Cliff 2,300 Feet In The Air


The Troll’s Tongue. (Photo: Thomas Havel/Barcroft India)

This could be the sickest place in Norway! The rock which juts out several meters from the mountain is fondly referred to as The Troll’s Tongue (Trolltunga in Norwegian) due to its appearance. This eye-popping cliff sits an incredible 2,300 feet above the Ringedalsvatnet Lake, but that hasn’t stopped people from climbing out onto the edge to take some pretty wild pictures.

Watch these daredevil tourists attempt to out-extreme each other in this vertigo-inducing VIDEO.

A Charming Town In Morocco Painted Entirely In Shades Of Blue


Beautifully perched between two mountains on the northern tip of Morocco, Chefchaouen was kept locked away from the rest of the world for centuries and is painted entirely in shades of blue. This “blue city” was a refuge for Jewish minorities fleeing from Europe in the 15th century, and around this time, residents began painting buildings and sidewalks various shades of blue. In Judaism, blue represents the sky and the heavens, reminding everyone to live a life full of spiritual awareness.

Watch this VIDEO for a tour around Chefchaouen’s blue alleys.

Chefchaouen's blue doors.

Chefchaouen’s blue doors.